Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Did the War on Terror create MORE terrorist? Yes.

On 9/11 we were attacked, and we ALL agreed we need to go get Bin Laden and kill him DEAD. Congress authorized this action.

Our brave soldiers went to Afghanistan (despite the fact the suicide bombers on 9/11 were Saudi citizens and were trained in South Florida) but our soldiers went after the Bin Laden and found him in December of 2001 they had him cornered at Tora Bora.

Our soldiers requested the resources to cut him off and take him out. Bin Laden at this time had written out his will and was awaiting his end in those caves. Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush held back the forces needed, for no logical reason.

This was it, we had him in our grasp, but while the delta force and CIA was begging for authority to cut him off and take him out, they were denied by George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. WHY?

The official reason is they wanted to keep the “troop footprint low”, seems hard to believe since the failure at Tora Bora lead to expanding the war to 5 more countries and committing hundreds of thousands of troops. Later, the Taliban made multiple offers to negotiate the extradition of Osama Bin Laden. The Bush presidency replied, “No Negotiations”.

It has since been revealed that Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney did not want to make the mistake of defining the war on terror too narrowly. Rumsfeld worried that a coalition built around the goal of taking out al Qaeda would fall apart once they succeeded in that mission, making it more difficult to continue the war on terror elsewhere.

Rumsfeld suggested attacking Iraq Immediately so the American people wouldn’t get the wrong idea if Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

With the events that unfolded, and the revealed mind-set and motivations of the people in charge. You can draw your own conclusions.

The war-hawks got their wish and were able to expand the war on terror across the region and the world. Securing new authoritarian powers at home and new war powers abroad. Massive domestic surveillance on American Citizens.

Massive increases in control over financial institutions and reporting requirements so they can see every dollar that moves through your bank account. A wholesale tapping and recording of the entire internet.

The ability to violate the rights of American citizens, hold indefinitely and even torture people. Now with expansion of the definition of terrorist, these illegal government powers can be used against almost anyone, even a president who insults the intelligence agencies.

Abroad they were able to expand the war on terror, we wreaked havoc in the middle east.

The cost of war project puts the numbers at:

Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya: Almost 17,000 Allied military and contractor deaths. About 110,000 national military and police deaths. 500,000 civilian deaths.

6.4 trillion Dollars and counting spent on the war on terror.

How did it all begin? We were told they “Hate us for our freedom” is that true?

No. The CIA does not teach their agents that they “hate us for our freedom”.

They terrorist do not claim to “hate us for our freedom”

They tell you that because they think your stupid.

The truth is the US and western powers has been intervening in their countries, securing resources, and slaughtering them well before 9/11.

A good place to start is the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the people of Iran revolted against a CIA installed dictator. Also, in 1979 the Carter administration began supporting Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahideen of Afghanistan to lure the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan, an un-winnable war.

One million Afghans were killed in this war.

President Carter announced the Carter Doctrine of American military supremacy in the Persian Gulf. The US then announced support for Saudi Arabia and installed military bases around the middle east.

The administration then gave the green light for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to invade Iran.

Approximately 1,000,000 people died in that war.

The Regan administration then the Bush Administration helped raise an Arab army to assist war criminals in their fight against the USSR. Rambo 3 was based off this war.

Donald Rumsfeld visited and supported Saddam Hussein. The US financed the Iraq purchase of Chemical weapons from European allies for use against Iran of which the US provided satellite images for use in targeting of the chemical weapons.

These are the same chemical weapons the US later used as justification for their invasion of Iraq.

Thanks to wiki-leaks we now know US didn’t not seriously oppose Saddam Hussein’s threat to invade Kuwait over regional disputes. After the invasion Great Britain realized their oil interest in the region were threatened and pressured the US to invade Kuwait. Hussein attempted to negotiate on American terms but was refused. The quick and decisive victory in this Gulf War wetted the American appetite for war again since the embarrassment of Vietnam War.

The US then encouraged a Shiite Revolution against Saddam Hussein. After the revolution had begun the US changed policy out of the fear, they would be empowering Iran if Saddam fell from power. They then allowed Saddam to slaughter 100,000 of the Shiite revolutionaries.

After the First Gulf War the American decided to break their promise to Saudi Arabia and stay in the Saudi Arabia and maintain a military presence.

The USA and the UN then blockaded and sanctioned Iraq causing mass suffering. At that point our old allies in Afghanistan grew to hate the USA for the mass suffering being caused. They formed Al Qaeda. They hated American support of genocide and dictatorships in the middle east. In the 2004 Osama Bin Laden video, Bin Laden calls the sanctions "the greatest mass slaughter of children mankind has ever known".

They did not “hate us for our freedom”. They started attacking the US and Saudi Arabia in 1990. Their strategy was to get America to invade Afghanistan and wasted infinite resources on an un-winnable war because that worked for them against the soviets.

Osama Bin Laden’s son claims his farther said he was rooting for Bush to win the presidency of the United State. He said his father’s dream was to lure the United States into Afghanistan which he didn’t think he was able to do with Clinton, but Bush presented an opportunity.

There is